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UltiMax DeltaUPS Three Phase

Category: NeuroPower
Product Code:NP-UltiMax Series

UltiMax Delta Series - 400KVA, 500KVA, 600KVA, 800KVA Line
Suggested Application:
Data Center, Server Farm, Telecommunic ations and Broadcasting, Hospital
and Medical Equipments, Industrial Controls, Process Machinery, Automation Equipments, Transportation and Security.
  • On-Line Double Conversion Topology
  • High Input Power Factor, >0.96
  • Full Bridge IGBT Matrix Technology
  • Full Modular Structure with Front Access
  • Automatic Battery Self Test
  • IGBT Switching Technology
  • LCD Display And Audible Alarms        
  • Energy Saving "Power Save Mode"
  • High System Efficiency
  • Parallel For Capacity Or Redundancy Of Up To 6 Units
  • Independent Control on Three Inverter Phases
  • Built-in Automatic and Manual Bypass Switch
  • Full Connectivity Option