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Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Solution 
UltraBac Software has designed its backup and disaster recovery software to take full   advantage of being a native Windows application. This translates to being highly compact due to very efficient code that eliminates the bloat found in most other products. A full download is around 12MB as opposed to more than 600MB for our primary competitors.
The thing that really sets UltraBac Software apart from the bigger brands is our dedication to backup and disaster recovery. It is our only business. We understand the importance of your data, and know that unnecessary downtime not only costs money, but in the worst-case scenario can drive a company out of business.
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RFID Solutions
RFID has the capacity to revolutionize global logistic chains and improve supply chain management. Major retailers and their suppliers are already tagging pallets, cases and other returnable transit items (RTIs) like plastic crates used for fresh foods. RTIs are capital assets, so total visibility is essential. Tagging the crates also facilitates better management of the asset pool.
RFID technology enhances asset management by supplying visibility and real-time inventory data to guarantee traceability and availability. This results in reduced shrinkage and counterfeiting as well as a reduction in out-of-stocks.

Digital Signage Solution


Video Conferencing
There are a lot of difference options to call a video conference, including telepresence systems, room-based videoconference system, desk-top personal videoconference sets, software solution, and web-conferencing service. These products are very different in price, performance, and application, therefore the first thing you need to know to choose your videoconferencing products is to learn how these products work differently and which one is the most suitable product for your needs.